Arduino Hands on Training  

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College students and school students



Teach arduino coding, hardware connections, working of various sensors and interfacing. At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to conduct practical experiments and projects using arduino.

Preparation required

Familiarity with arduino and with use of personal computers.


Learning resources

Participants will be given software, program instructions with arduino kit including various sensors and tools (participants should return the kit after workshop).



Use of computers is absolutely necessary for coding. Students must acquire necessary skills for building circuits and design or else their employment prospects are not good.


Resource persons

Mr. Vaisakh P from Team DIY.

There will be other 6 members to support and give instructions to participants.



At least one laptop and android smartphone with internet connectivity for every team of participants is necessary.


Academic program

There will be total 13 hours of training for 2 days. This includes both theory and hands on training. Detailed syllabus is attached with this.


11-7-18 to 12-7-18 (2 days from 9:30 am to 4 pm).



Organizers will collect a modest cost (Rs.350/- per person) from participants. This includes coffee breaks. No TA/DA shall be paid to the participants. Participants are expected to bear lunch and TA/DA.

Selection of participants

Interested candidates can register by filling online form available in organizer’s website.

Participation certificates

Organizers will give these under the letterhead of either their own institution or college.

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